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Online Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, is a process taken to help search engines index the best parts of your website, including researching keywords. There's no point in having a great looking website if it doesn't show up in the major search engines.

SEO is a lengthy research process, adding quality content, fine-tuning, testing and repeating the process.

However, SEO is no longer just about adding content and researching keywords. Google and other search engines are always evolving, learning, and getting better at pushing the user's right results.

Other vital considerations include the following;

Social Media

Using Social Media Channels should not be ignored, but also, you should only consider using social media channels that suit your company, your audience and that your confident using.

We can advise on the best Social Media channels that will work best for you. We can set them up, giving an informative and professional look and advise or train you on how best to use them in the future.

Good Quality Hosting

There's no point in having a great looking website that is SEO optimised but takes 6 seconds to load, shows security issues, errors or hosted in the USA for a UK website.

We provide high-quality web hosting, that is super fast, secure and optimised to suit your website. We can also offer CDN Services and additional speed optimisation advice & services.


Closely linked to your web host. With our Joomla websites, we go a few steps further, adding a Web Application Firewall, tight security rules & perform regular security audits/checks.

Making sure your website is up to date, and secure WILL have a positive effect on search engines.

Original Content

You may have seen the message 'Content is King'. This is still true, but it needs to be relevant, informative, well written, includes your keywords and presented on your website and social media channels.
Also, consider image & video content, which both help with social media.

We use a couple of great content copyrighters in the UK that can work with you to create great content.

Paid Advertising

No longer merely adding a few £££ into a Google Adword campaign, but get it right and you will notice a great improvement. We can advise and assist with paid advertising across various search engines and social media platforms. Each is individual, unique, serve different end-users and should be discussed before diving in.

When we design your website or help maintain your website, we consider all of the above. We will help and advise on best practices that suit your business, your time and any marketing budget you have.

We don't offer a one size fits all solution as it's not possible. However, we provide high quality, personable service, so advise that you get in touch via email or give us a call. Not to try and upsell you something you don't need (We don't do that - ever), but instead to get an idea of your business, your current online presence and where you need help or improvements. 

Our SEO and maintenance services could include;

  • SEO & site audit
  • Keyword Analysis, Optimization & Research
  • Content Review
  • Web server check & speed optimisations
  • Social Media optimisation & management
  • Title & Meta Description Tag Creation
  • Business Directory Listings
  • Article & Press Release Posting
  • Paid Advertising advice, optimisation & management
  • Content, image & video creation

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