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We are Concom Web Design, I am Andy Connell

Whenever I write content for our website or social media channels, I often use words like; us, our, we, concom, the company. However, the reality is, we are a small, independent, personable, local company, who loves working with other small, local companies, so I wanted to let you know more about us/me.

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Free Joomla website health check for small business.

During April, working from home, with more time on our hands than expected, with all easter holidays cancelled, we're offering a full Joomla! website health check absolutely free, gratis, frei, gratuito, wolny for any small business, community group or charity using Joomla! - Normally a minimum cost of £75

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Small business could have many online opportunities during covid-19 & we can help.

Firstly, may I wish you all the best of health and hope that you, your colleagues and your family are well. This is not an easy time for any of us, and we know that all of you will be adjusting to a different way of living and working. As a Small business ourselves, we understand the problems and issues you may be facing over the next few weeks and months.

Your customers may not be able to visit you face to face, but you can still communicate and operate your business successfully.

We want to show you how you can use this crisis as an opportunity to continue to run your business, to change it, and to create new opportunities through various online tools and digitally engage with your audience. Hopefully helping you through the next few weeks and months, but also offering more dependable digital services in the future.

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Do I need a new website? 6 Reasons why you might

Your customer's first impression of your business almost always happens online. If your website isn't making you smile, being used or providing you with sales and enquiries, then a redesign may be on the cards.

If you fall into any of the six reasons below, then perhaps you should be considering having a web designer (Like Us) to help you out. 

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Use your Gmail to Send/Receive Emails Using Your Own Domain Name

If you enjoy using Google Mail and its features, then why not use your own domain/email address to send and receive email. 

Quite often the email webmail account provided with your website hosting might not have the functionality you need to use it for day to day emailing. Also, your hosting account will most likely have a reasonably small storage space limit for all your emails.

Gmail offers 15Gb of space with their free account to play with and an interface that helps you organise your emails well - especially useful if you're used to using Google.

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HTTP/2 - What is it? Is it important? Do I Need it?

The Internet, as we all know it today, wouldn’t have existed without the HTTP protocol. It's what pumps content to all of us. It makes it possible for us to read the latest news, order stuff online, watch videos on YouTube and get to our favourite websites on all types of devices. Sadly, the protocol has not been changed since 1999 when version 1.1 was released so, when HTTP/2 was released in 2016, it was a source of excitement for us.

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Transfer [.uk] domain name away from one.com

We've helped a few of our clients move there domains and hosting from one.com which we initially found very difficult and time-consuming. We're adding these details for anybody else that may want to move there domain and hosting away from one.com but also as a reminder for ourselves, as finding these details on the one.com website are nearly impossible and contacting their support to discuss a move is generally slow.

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How often do I need to redesign my website?

I often get asked variants of the following question:

  • Does a website have a shelf life - Should I be looking to have a new site designed every year or so?
  • How frequently should I overhaul my whole website?
  • How often should I be updating my website?

Before getting to the short answer, there are several considerations as to why you should upgrade your website over a set period.

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Mobile First Indexing - Google

Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Historically, the index primarily used the desktop version of a page's content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user's query. Since the majority of users now access Google Search with a mobile device, Googlebot primarily crawls and indexes pages with the smartphone agent going forward.

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